The stumped remains of an 11th century round tower, rising to a height of only nine metres, stands to the west of Drumcliffe Church, and the High Cross. The only example of a round tower to be found in Sligo, Drumcliffe Round Tower was originally a much taller structure, possibly up to 30 metres in height, until it was damaged by lightning in 1396. The tower contains a doorway 1.75metres above ground level.

The purpose of the round tower is uncertain, but many believe they originally served a defensive role in providing a safe place for monks to take refuge with church valuables. Another theory is that they were bell towers. At the base of the round tower is a carved sandstone block, referred to as the ‘Angel Stone’ because of a winged figure shape ..

In the 18th century permission was given to use stones from the tower in the building of a bridge over the Drumcliffe river.

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